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Ca fait beaucoup. Excusez les fautes de frappe et oublis de texte. Je rajoute une chose: Une belle machine, mais beaucoup trop cher. Je m'y attendais un peu.

Compromis et compromis. J'ai cette machine depuis sa sortie en remplacement d'un MBP 13" de et j'en suis plus que satisfait! Je l'adore ce MBP Retina!

Hyundai’s Nexo makes a case for fuel-cell SUVs

Quelle crise? Rien d'autre. Regardez la gamme Vaio de chez Sony. Interestingly, its results painted a similar picture to what we saw when running Lion we ran these tests before the Mountain Lion upgrade hit, though as we said in our review of the new OS, performance gains are negligible.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2012 Review

The Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, with discrete graphics and a Core i7 processor, crushed the Pro with a more than 5,point delta in 3DMark06, but other systems with integrated graphics, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad U , landed in the same ballpark, though most still scored a bit higher. While Intel HD Graphics are an improvement from the edition, the lack of discrete graphics holds you back from any soul-crushing gaming power. Still, that doesn't mean you can't fire up your favorite titles.

When we played some World of Warcraft , frame rates stayed within the 30 to 60 fps range. When running Windows, the system averaged a respectable 60 fps in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Still, you're not buying a MacBook Pro to get your frag on or you shouldn't be, anyway , so the MBP's modest graphics performance is far less important than its day-to-day capabilities.

Is The Mid 2012 MacBook Pro Still Worth It In 2018?

In that regard, this machine is more than passing. Throughout our testing, we worked across three browsers, ran a chat client, wrote in TextEdit and did some light gaming, all without noticing any glitches or sluggishness. In our video rundown test, the inch Pro lasted six hours and 51 minutes in OS X, which is in line with Apple's rated battery life of up to seven hours.

Apple MacBook Pro inch (Mid ) Laptops & Notebooks - Review - PCMag UK

That longevity is also on par with other Macs, including the early Pro, which lasted about 40 minutes longer. When we ran the test on the Windows side, the system logged four hours and 25 minutes, which puts it in line with ultraportables such as the inch Series 9. More anecdotally, the laptop's The new Pro originally shipped with OS X You can get a more in-depth look at the OS in our full review , but a few highlights include deep iCloud integration, all-new features such as Messages and the Notification Center. Like other Apple computers, the MacBook Pro is covered by the company's one-year limited warranty, which includes 90 days of free phone support.

That price gets you a 2. Though our version of the Pro ships with a inch display, the laptop is also available in the inch form factor. Incidentally, the larger version is configurable with a 1, x 1, screen, which could be reason enough for some to make the step up. The larger model also offers quad-core processors, which this smaller guy doesn't. Still, let's take a look at the larger playing field. For the sake of keeping the list relatively tidy, we'll stick to similarly speced systems in the to inch range. The Pro does offer more storage up to GB and an optical drive, but it's also heavier.

Its design unabashedly evokes the MacBook Pro, though, which depending on where you stand could be a bad or a good thing. The p, IPS Radiance display offers great viewing angles, but colors, especially red and purple, were a bit off when we tested the machine.

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If you want discrete graphics in this price range, you're in luck. Its performance on graphics benchmarks isn't much different than the Pro's, though it's worth mentioning it runs a Sandy Bridge processor. What the laptop does have in its favor, though, is a comfortable keyboard and a nearly bezel-less design that gives you plenty of screen real estate. Likewise, the XPS 15z is a worthwhile option for those of you who prefer a slightly larger screen.

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We'll only mention the Retina display model in passing. Is it the highest-performing system out there? Apple has also changed the power connection to the thinner MagSafe2 connector, which offers the same functionality, but has a slightly different shape so as not to be compatible with older and third party power accessories. Apple switched to the MagSafe2 connector this year, prompted by the introduction of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apple expects you to buy HD videos from iTunes. Apple also includes an HD FaceTime camera that lets you make video calls in p.

Internally, the MacBook Pro inch is equipped a GB 5,rpm hard drive offering plenty of storage space. Plus, with Performance Most of the changes made in the Apple MacBook Pro inch center around the internal hardware. Apple has equipped the MacBook pro with a third-generation dual-core Intel Core i7 2. Though we weren't able to run all of our benchmark tests—most run in Windows, and at the time of testing Apple hadn't released Boot Camp Windows drivers for this system we'll run our full roster of tests once the drivers are available —we were able to get a good idea of the performance available from the new MacBook.

Thanks to the new hardware, the new iteration of the MacBook Pro is faster, but not enough to fend off the competition. We measured battery life using a ten-hour video rundown test. Running in Mac OS X, with backlight dimmed to 50 percent and both Wi-Fi and keyboard backlight activated, the MacBook Pro lasted 6 hours 24 minutes, just shy of the 7 hours claimed by Apple.

Though we can't compare this score directly with our regular MobileMark results, most and inch laptops in this price range offer 7 hours battery life, or more.