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It's funny that MacUpdate shows now a release of version 4.


OpenOffice is fast and free. It's served my company well. I love that in the current version one can turn off Java. While OpenOffice is not developing as quickly as LIbreOffice, its performance is usually faster and more reliable.

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Software does not need to constantly change to be useful. Often the contrary. Stability and reliability are fantastic attributes for software.

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Like 1. Not sure how to rate this because of all the struggles I am having.

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  • Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Intel 64 Mac OS X Developer Website:. The Mac operating system has been bit for several years. Unlike for Windows, there's no choice between running a bit or bit version of the Mac operating system. Similarly, we won't offer a choice between bit and bit versions of Office for Mac. After each "channel" is transitioned per the rollout schedule, only bit builds will be available.

    The transition to bit Office for Mac was announced on the Office developer blog in April This website is the primary reference for third-party vendors to understand the change and the effect on their products.

    How to Open Word Documents on an Apple Computer

    IT Pros will want to understand which compiled add-ins are deployed to the users whom they manage so that they can assess the effect of the upgrade. The following Microsoft Office website summarizes the issues that affect the more common add-ins that are used together with Office for Mac:. What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac. To verify the architecture of an Office application that is, to understand whether you have a bit or bit build , start the application, open the Activity Monitor, and then enable the Kind column.

    You can also use the file command in a terminal session to inspect the binary. This method can be used with for any binary file, including third-party add-ins.

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    • There may be situations in which the customer has to change code that's not bit ready. If customers can't immediately move forward to bit builds, we will make available a one-time bit update for the The bit updates will be available only for manual download from the Office CDN.

      The latest bit release of Office for Mac Customers who manually install the bit release won't be offered the bit version of However, MAU will offer the bit version of Therefore, customers have a limited time to remain on bit builds. Pages includes collaboration features and can export to a Word file format. However, exchanging documents with people who use Microsoft Word is awkward. Pages isn't equipped for advanced features such as mail merges and master documents.

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      If you work for a company that uses Word as its word processing platform, you need to use Microsoft Word. If you work in a small business, are a student, or need a word processor for home use, check out Pages before investing in Microsoft Word. If you absolutely need to run Word for Windows, you don't have to give up your Mac. It's possible to install Windows on a Mac, and it's possible to run a Windows app side-by-side with Mac apps using Parallels software.

      Microsoft Office and the Mac App Store - Office

      Installing Parallels isn't for the tech-queasy, but it doesn't take much technical know-how to get up and running. Once you have Windows running on your Mac , using Parallels is a breeze. While Microsoft Word may seem synonymous with Windows, it was released on the Mac years before it made its first appearance on Windows.

      8 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac Users 2018 HD

      Despite a sometimes rocky relationship between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Word has been a mainstay on Macs since the early days. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated October 08, While Word for Mac has some level of support for SharePoint and Visual Basic, it does not support all aspects of these features.