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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I originally bought a mid I purchaed another Imac a few months later and it shipped with Lion, I tried to reinstall Snow Leopard using a Disk Image from my retail version but it did not accept, I tried with the DVD I got with the ealier iMac and hey presto it worked. I have since upgraded to a few of 27 inch iMacs, all mid and most recentty the top entry mid 3. My question is this really that bad? I have heard that the chips and stuff may differ and not work as well with snow leopard or Lion, but then surley upgrading a osx would be the same?

Posted on Apr 2, Page content loaded. Apr 2, No, it isn't bad. If it was, you'd just have gotten a black screen and three beeps when you tried booting it from the DVD. The iMac requires a minimum of The Restore DVD that comes with this model is a Apparently Apple did not change the firmware in these upgraded Lion models to prohibit the use of SL. There is another thread on this forum that discusses in detail the much harder installation of SL onto the Mac Mini, which only shipped with Lion.

That thread also has some iMac comments and comments about drivers, too. Apr 2, 1: I just purchased a new mid It came with Mac OS The iMac will not boot from the DVD. I get a blank screen and a repeating three beeps.

Installing 10.6.8 on a 2011 Mac Mini

How do I obtain the If you can't obtain that computer's original disks phone Apple , use another Mac to install the Apr 10, Apr 2, 2: Michael, greetings; The retail DVD as such is useless in your situation of trying to install Snow Leopard directly. What you need to do is to access a Mac that came with Snow Leopard or can accept the Once that is done you may download it to an external HDD and then clone it on your iMac. I have done this on Macbook Pros and this was recently successfully done on a Mac Mini.

Since davetheraver has been successful with using the original install disks from his iMac on other iMacs, I suspect that this should work for you. Obviously that is up to you. Apr 2, 4: This, by the way, is a very cool Mac feature that -- at least to the best of my knowledge -- Windows doesn't have.

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If you hold down the T key, the new Mac will boot up and display the Firewire logo on its screen. It will not boot into a GUI. By the way, did you ever notice how similar the Firewire logo is to the radiation warning triform? Neither did I, until I started this little project:. Anyway, now that your new Mac is booted up and in target mode, boot up your old Mac. I left the Firewire cable out of the old Mac, and just booted it up.

Once the old Mac was booted, then I plugged in the Firewire cable, and the old Mac suddenly had the new Mac's drives on its desktop, just like any other external drives. The astute reader might have noticed I used the word drives plural. I'm doing video and the two faster drives will be a big help. The two-drive configuration makes this a much easier install. I merely installed Snow Leopard on one drive and left Lion on the other.

If you only have one Lion drive, you may be able to partition it, and install Snow Leopard on the other partition, but that's a theory, only. I haven't tested it. To make things easier, once I'd booted up on the old Mac and saw the hard drives from the new Mac on the desktop, I renamed the drives.


The Lion boot drive was renamed to "Lion Server". The drive that would hold the back-rev Snow Leopard was renamed, creatively, "Snow Leopard".

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Put this somewhere you can find it on your old Mac's desktop. Finally, make sure your old Mac has a DVD drive. If it doesn't, go find an external USB drive and use that. I'm guessing you could run the Leopard installer from an image or a USB key, but that's also something I didn't try. Preparing to install Snow Leopard on Lion. Now you're ready to run the installer. The Snow Leopard installer will ask you where you want to install Snow Leopard. Here's where you want to be careful, and select your previously renamed "Snow Leopard" destination drive remember, this is really the drive on the new Lion machine.

Click next and let the install proceed. It took about forty minutes on my vintage iMac. Once that's done, run the Combo update. It'll look like the Combo update is starting to update your old Mac, but that's just a fancy splash screen. Wait until the splash graphics run out of steam, and once again select your "Snow Leopard" drive living on your new Lion machine as the destination. This took about 20 minutes. Once this process is all done, shut down your old Mac and unplug the Firewire cable. You'll have to hold down the power button on your new Mac and let it shut down as well.

Press the power button on your new Lion-based Mac and hold down the Option key. In a moment, you should see both the "Lion Server" and "Snow Leopard" drives or your locally-named equivalents. Click the arrow under the Snow Leopard drive and wait for the system to boot. If you followed all the steps I've outlined, you should find yourself booted into Snow Leopard.

If you want to boot into Snow Leopard by default, go to System Preferences and select Startup Disk, and choose your Snow Leopard drive as the start drive. I am extremely nervous about an OS that doesn't come with disks. It feels unnatural. It also feels fast and loose with the system's security. What if, for example, you completely nuke your drives and the recovery partition?

How do you recover? See also: Honestly, I'm guessing Apple's has a method beyond sending the machine back to the company for a warranty repair, but I haven't had a chance to research it. The bottom line is this: If you follow these instructions and something breaks, don't come crying to me. I can't guarantee this will all work and I've tried it on exactly one machine. Your attempt could always go horribly wrong.

If it does, you were warned.

Install Snow Leopard on old mac mini

You're on your own here. Be careful. If you're not comfortable futzing around with OS installs that could go very, very bad, get some help. So, what software have you found that works reliably on Lion and what doesn't?

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    Macs Compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion:

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